The most common type of lightbox is single sided, but it can also be made double-sided. They have traditionally been illuminated with fluorescent lights, but nowadays we equip most of our light boxes with LED technology. LED technology is significantly more energy efficient and has a longer service life than fluorescent lamps and the box can be made a lot thinner. There are a number of different variations on how the sign’s front can be designed:

  • Foil acrylic
  • Painted sheet metal with cut-out/protruding letters
  • Printed canvas if the light box is big
  • Form or vacuum-pressed acrylic

The first impression is crucial in the business world. While the proper signage will attract customers like a money magnet, the inappropriate signage will turn away potential customers. Nowadays, Lightbox Signs may be found practically anywhere, including at cinemas, restaurants, airports, and even bars. How to decide what is right and bad for your business is the major issue.

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